Travel Packing: My New Favorite Travel Accessory!

Have you ever re-purposed a random item into something useful for your trips?

During my last few trips, I had found myself getting a little frustrated about wanting to carry a purse (versus a backpack) and also have my reusable glass water bottle with me (I hydrate obsessively). Trying to take a picture or look at my map (……… or Snapchat) was really difficult because I’d need to find creative ways to hold the water bottle whilst trying to use both my hands for something else. 

Recently, I was in an Ocean State Job Lot (♥) and there was a small basket with those small “I don’t need this, but because its here I’m going to buy it anyway” type items. On a whim, I bought one and that small, metal “piece of junk” has now become one of my favorite things to have with me if I’m using a bag that can’t fit my water bottle.


THIS 97¢ prize has drastically changed my life

THIS 97¢ prize has drastically changed my life


This little doohickey was an absolute lifesaver on my last trip. I was able to take pictures (selfies and otherwise) without having to wedge my water bottle into my armpit and chance my precious falling and shattering. 

I can carry my water AND coffee ❤

I can carry my water AND coffee ❤

Yes, I’m serious. A carabiner has changed everything. I’m now able to just clip my bottle to my bag and take pictures or check my gps (……..or post to Instagram). If I’m walking quickly, it swings and can be a little annoying, but its has been a great multitasking item. I can clip it to the strap of my tote bag, and hang the water bottle on the outside, and clip my camera strap (and anything else with a handle) to the inside so I can grab them easily. 

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Because I’ve taken to not checking bags recently, I’ve even used it to clip my bottle to my 42L bag when trekking through the airport. And to sweeten the deal just a little bit more- you can clip the bottle to the little metal bar on the plane-seat tray table. I know you hate having to worry about feng shuiing your small area of space for those long flights. You can’t really have your water and computer (….or adult coloring book) on the tray table at the same time.

Clipped to the Plane tray table

Clipped to the Plane tray table

The best parts of this successful experiment:

  • It cost me less than $1!
  • Alton Brown opened my eyes about the importance of avoiding unitaskers… and this thing is most definitely a multitasker!
  • I don’t have to choose between carrying the bottle and things like walking around with coffee or taking a quick picture

UPDATE: Though I loved (and still recommend) the low-cost option, if you think you may need a carabiner for a heartier project- like, say, acting as a bag hook to hang your backpack from a bunk….I would recommend something that bear a little more weight like these Fusion military style badboys. A little more expensive, but sometimes part of good budgeting means going for quality!

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Have you ever re-purposed a random item into something useful for your trips?

  • What are your favorite travel accessories?
  • Have you ever re-purposed a random item into something useful for your trips?

Just a heads up that this post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are great in that you can grab the product at no extra cost to you, but I get a teeny-tiny percentage of that sale (its like getting recognition for advertising products I already love!)

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  1. I have carabiners all over the place- in my wheelie bag, on my daypack, in my car. You can hang laundry with them, air out a wet bathing suit, close an over-stuffed gaping bag and on and on

  2. What an awesome and cheap travel hack! I might use this for my phone! They sell those phone cases with finger holes so it would be great to just clip and go. Although I really love my selfie stick too.

  3. wow, never thought of it before. This will probably change a lot of things for me too hahah. Thank you for sharing this! Have a great day 🙂

  4. I have to buy your kind of bottle, first of all. I generally use the plastic ones but I know is environmental unfriendly and not so good for the health too. Sometimes I use my old wallet as a container for my travel pack creams and make up 🙂

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