Vegetarian & Vegan Eats in Boston

We are very lucky here in Boston to have such a wide variety of food offerings. I mean, if ever I wanted drunken noodles and a Thanksgiving sandwich I could easily have both without having to divert too far off my normal commute path. Boston does a great job when it comes to being inclusive of all dietary choices (and allergies!), and plant-based diners are no exception.

Though I am still technically in the "meat-eater" category, over the past few months I have taken a good, hard look at the way I eat and how it impacts both my personal health and the health of the environment (more on that here). Back in November I was researching recipes to bring to Thanksgiving for my vegetarian sister, and came across this vegan stuffing video on the hot for food YouTube channel. I'll admit: I fell deep, deep down the rabbit hole. I had never seen vegan recipes made so accessible; and on top of that I hadn't encountered any vegans who were just so.... matter-of-fact.

I began to take a real interest in the availability of vegetarian and vegan options that would be available to me, should I decide to pull the trigger and go full-veg. To add to that, I work in hospitality and the questions comes up fairly often about where guests can find vegetarian and vegan options... so the map was born!

A few notes:

  • This map does not include all available options, but it does include many.
  • Green = dedicated vegan
  • Blue = vegetarian/vegan friendly (or dedicated vegetarian)
  • Pink = coffee shops/sweet treat places with vegan/dairy-free options
  • There are a handful of chains included, with multiple branches noted in the map
  • While I have not been to all of these places, I've been to all the chains and a food few of the others.

If you're visiting Boston, check out my articles on Seeing Boston on a Budget and The 9 Realities of Being in Boston! Feel free to reach out in the comments or via Twitter with any questions!

  • Have you tried any of the restaurants in the map?
  • What about where you're from? Are there available options for different dietary styles?
  • Have you ever visited a place that simply could not or would not accommodate your preference or allergy?
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  1. I am a "meat-lover" but can appreciate some veggie in my diet. This is a great list and I am sure many people will enjoy it as well!

  2. That’s a good idea to have a map for others. I’m not veg but I have friends who are so always useful to share.

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