Announcement: My Next BIG Trip

Year long trip

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After a lot of thinking, I’ve decided that I’m going on my next trip starting today (July 6, 2017).

I know – it’s short notice and I haven’t done any prep work at all, but it just felt like the time was right, though not entirely spontaneous.

This trip will be year-long journey – 365 days – and I’ll hopefully see, taste, learn, and experience a lot. I reckon that much ground can be covered and goals achieved in that time span, and I plan to spend my time wisely.

The trip will not be entirely solo - though there will be times when I’m utterly alone – I have loads of people I plan to see and hang out with along the way.

Have I built up enough suspense? Are you curious as to where this magical, year-long, solo/not solo trip will be taking me?!

Hold onto your pants folks. I’m about to embark on a 365-day journey……. around the sun.

That’s right: today is my birthday and I'm about to start a whole new year.
And in related news, I’m a huge, dirty, unapologetic blogger-troll.

In all reality, I don’t have any big international travel plans in the works for the next year (yet). BUT, that being said, I think that I can find a way to make the next year exciting, productive, and travel-filled – as long as I keep my goals realistic.

I feel like saying "I want to travel more" would be silly, since.... this is a travel blog. Like, duh. One big goal for the year is to master my brand new Sony a600. I bought it on the recommendation of a few other travel bloggers (I got the body, the 16-50mm lens and the 55-210mm lens), and it's been a fun journey practicing. I plan to spend 31 improving my photos, so come follow along on Instagram!

Here are a few of the first shots with my camerababy:

Other than that, I want to make a few trips - but I'm in a bit of a personal financial recession, and there will be no way that I can save $10k in a year to travel (but you may get a second satirical article on the topic). That being said, I do have a few things on the horizon:

  • Cottaging in Ontario
  • A short family vacation to upstate NY
  • Going to the Poconos for Wanderfest
  • And I'll take a trip somewhere since I'm nearly at 70,000 available points on my credit card

If you're in the market for a new camera, I highly recommend taking a peek at the Sony a6000. I was really nervous when I bought it, but it's surprisingly easy to learn even the manual functions. It's been a great starter camera, and a handful of my fellow Female Travel Bloggers talked me into getting the slightly more expensive package since I would 'graduate' to the larger (55-210mm) lens very quickly. The ladies were right and I was glad to have gotten a great deal. [That picture is a link to the Amazon product description so you can check out the specs and reviews!]

Good work, very camera

  • What travely-things have you done to celebrate a birthday?
  • Do you use your birthday as a sort of  second round of  New Years resolutions?
  • If you've written any great travel camera guides, Tweet them at me!! I can be found at @thebdgtbckpck - soaking up all the resources I can get my hands on to become a better photog!

Just a heads up that this post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links are great in that you can grab the product at no extra cost to you, but I get a teeny-tiny percentage of that sale (its like getting recognition for advertising products I already love!)

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Just back from an early birthday celebration trip to San Francisco. Had a blast and ate at Chez Panisse in Berkeley also did a fun dinner cruise on the bay for July 4th. Definitely recommend taking a trip out there.


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