18 Images of Zadar, Croatia that will inspire you to visit

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This is going to be a very quick and simple post to act as sort of an addendum to my Things to Do in Zadar and Zadar on a Budget posts. Zadar is so beautiful and I took so many photos that I absolutely loved, and I figured sharing them all in one spot would satisfy my deep need for organization (lol).

Be sure to hover over each photo with your cursor to read the caption!

Zadar in photos:

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For the photos with my in them, I used my Joby Gorillapod (this is the one that I have) with a timer... and the combination of the weird spidery looking tripod and the beeping timer on my camera, passers-by were really confused by what I was doing. I mean, it was pretty obvious that I was taking a picture of myself, but I got a lot of "what a weirdo" side-eye (which I'm totally ok with and very much expected).

  • What do you do with your hands in photos?!
  • How do you feel about tripod selfies?
  • What type of gear do you use to get yourself into your travel photos? (I use a tripod and have a Popsocket on my phone for the more traditional selfies)
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